Koichi Saura, President
(13th generation of Saura family, owner of Urakasumi sake brewery)

Thank you for visiting the website of Urakasumi sake brewery, Saura Co., Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1724 when we received a sake making licence. Since then we have offered the sacred sake for Shiogama Jinja, the most prestigious jinja (shrine) of northern Japan, with a history dating back more than 1,000 years.

Sake is a wonderful product of our land and its 2,000 year history. The culture of sake is also an important part of modern life in Japan.

With this background, we can deliver richness and comfort to as many people as possible and pass on the wonderful features of sake by delivering high quality sake to consumers sincerely and with care. This is based on our principle, "To brew and distribute true sake with care and professionalism."

We will strive to improve the taste of sake and make high quality sake to maintain our reputation as a brewery that is trusted and supported by people.

Company info

Company name Saura Co., Ltd.
Address Head office & the main brewery
2-19 Motomachi Shiogama Miyagi 

Yamoto brewery
4-5-7 Midorigaoka Oshio-Aza Higashi-Matsushima Miyagi
Access Map
Representative Koichi Saura, President
Foundation year 1724
Company business Production and sales of sake
Product name Sake Urakasumi
the origin of brand name, Urakasumi