archive [2015.01]

Visit from Australia!

We had a special visitor, Mr Andre Bishop, Melbourne based Sake Samurai and an owner of a sake bar and a few Japanese restaurants, last week.

We have met at the Sake and Food Expo held by JFC Australia in Melbourne in December last year. The Expo was successful with lots of visitors including a Cheese specialist Mr Will Studd.

IMG_4537.JPGMr Bishop has come to Japan more than 20 times and has visited lots of sake breweries throughout Japan, so he has deep knowledge of sake.
We have shown him the main brewery in Shiogama and it was our great pleasure having him!
DSC01832.JPGWe hope to further promote Urakasumi sake in Australia this year!

First pressing of Daiginjo for this season!

Happy New Year!!

In this New Year's season, the brewery is having a busy time brewing Daiginjo-shu (super premium sake), and today was the first day to press  Daigino-shu for this season!

For Daiginjo-shu, the moromi mash is put into cotton bags and those bags are placed one by one by hand by our brewery workers.


DSC01821.JPGThis method of pressing is called "Sase" style and it takes about 3 days to press the sake.

We cannot wait to deliver this Daiginjo-shu to consumers later this year!