An excursion after the UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction

The Third UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction was held in Sendai, Miyagi from Marth 14th till 18th, and as a part of excursions after the conference we had some visitors from overseas yesterday!
P1220139.JPGAs a brewery which was affected by the disaster that happned on March 11th, 2011, Saura, the 13th president of Urakasumi, explained the effects of the quake and tsunami, restoration work and some successful measurements for the disaster.

P1220118.JPGThe participants were eager to ask especially about some measurements that Urakasumi had taken before the disaster.

Although the premises were flooded by the tsunami and nearly 30,000 bottles of sake were damaged, the brewery building itself didn't collapse because of the seismic reinforcement we had done, although the siding of earthern buildings fell of in some places.

In April 2011, we have set up "The Power of Sake by Urakasumi" project in which a part of the sales of Urakasumi sake is donated for the region's recovery. Since then, we have supported especially in the fields of regional culinary culture and the support has now been extended to children's education and social welfare.

Please take a look at our report on this project and we will appreciate your kind support!