World Gourmet Summit 2016

Hello, this is Michiyo, sales representative.

From March 28th till April 24th, the World Gourmet Summit,
a globally recognised gastronomic event was held in Singapore. 

As part of the summit, 2-Michelin-Star Chef Yoshinori Ishii from UMU restaurant in London
presented a Japanese course dinner at Tóng Lè Private Dining from the 6th till the 10th.

As this year marks the 5th year since the Great East Japan Earthquake,
he made a dish named " Remember Tohoku" using a swordfish from Kesennuma
and our "
Junmai Ginjo Urakasumi Zen" was chosen to match with the dish.
When explaining about the product, I have also mentioned how grateful we are for the warm support
towards disaster hit areas and how the areas are recovering. 


I was happy to get good feedback for "Urakasumi Zen"
and have received a letter of appreciation from the organizer.


I would like to thank World Gourmet Summit and to Chef Ishii for the great opportunity.

Urakasumi will further strive to deliver quality sake to the world's top chefs and to consumers.