Recovery Project

About the project

Many precious lives were lost and our hometowns were drastically changed by the Great East Japan Earthquake , 11th March 2011. As for our brewery, buildings which have brewed Urakasumi's sake for many years collapsed in some places. Moreover, lots of sake which master brewers and brewery workers have painstakingly brewed was damaged.
In the meantime, we have received warm support from many consumers, customers and business partners. Thanks to this support, we have been encouraged to work towards restoration step by step.
Since the company was established more than 280 years ago, the company has been supported by the community and walked along with the community.
As a brewery which was affected by the earthquake, there are things that we can do.
We would like to use the support we have received from many people for the recovery of the community. We would like to deliver "comfort" and "richness" to as many people as possible through the power of sake. We considered that these were our missions.
In April 2011, we set up "The Power of Sake by Urakasumi" project. In this project, a part of the sales of Urakasumi sake goes towards the recovery of Miyagi and our community.

>>Regarding the Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake

A report on "The Power of Sake by Urakasumi" project

Year 2017

This is a project to make use of the support we have received from home and abroad for the region's recovery, based on our idea that "we cannot achieve a true recovery of our own without our region's recovery".

  • Playground equipment was donated to the parks of disaster recovery public housings in Komatsuminami and Yanaginome Higashi run by Higashi Matsushima.
  • Donations were made to Chance for Children in order to support study of children who were affected by the disaster.

Year 2016