The Origin of Our Name "Urakasumi" 〜Misty Bay〜

"Urakasumi", the name of our sake, means "Misty Bay" (Ura is Bay and Kasumi is Mist).
The main brewery is located in Shiogama, a place of scenic beauty facing the Pacific Ocean. "Urakasumi" comes from an ancient poem of medieval times around the 13th century which extols the scenery of Shiogama. The poem is about the joy of the arrival of spring and its peaceful scenery at Shiogama Bay. We aim to brew sake that is well- matched with the image of this poem.

Photo credit:Miyagi Prefecture Tourism Division



金槐和歌集 源実朝

"A breeze blowing over Shiogama bay is so gentle that it is almost like a mist floating in the air. This dreamy and comfortable atmosphere seems to show the arrival of the long waited spring on the surrounding islands."