Sightseeing in Shiogama

Specialities of Shiogama

A Town of Sushi

There are many sushi restaurants in Shiogama, each with its own unique style, competing with each other to improve their techniques. Enjoy the unique flavors of sushi made with Sasanishiki, local rice of Miyagi, and plenty of fresh seafood from the sea off Sanriku. You will receive heartfelt hospitality in each restaurant.

Confectioneries and Sweets

Shiogama has various traditional and delicious sweets. You can enjoy dango dumplings at a teahouse and a confectionery called "Shiogama," which are passed down from the Edo period.

Local Sake in Shiogama

It's not only Shiogama's food which is exceptionally delicious but its sake is also first class. One secret of its delicious taste is that each brewery has competed and improved its skills to dedicate sake to Shiogama Jinja.

Japan's leading producer of Kamaboko

Shiogama is one of the top fish cake producing areas in Japan. "Kamaboko" made by grinding white fish meat into paste is particularly famous. There are a variety of delicious Kamaboko made with unique ideas in Shiogama.

Shiogama Moshio (Seaweed salt)

The seaweed salt is made while carefully removing impurities from sea water and is manufactured in the time-honored way. Recently, many new products, such as cakes and chocolate, have been produced using local resources such as Moshio.

Sanriku Shiogama Higashimono

Sanriku Shiogama Higashimono is the brand name given to the Bigeye tuna landed in Shiogama port and those which have passed strict standards, such as freshness and fat content, and been recognized by brokers who are said to be the strictest in Japan. You can enjoy its taste only during the limited season from September to December.


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