Home of Urakasumi, a Port Town Shiogama

A Long History

Shiogama is located approximately 300km north of Tokyo. The inlet at Shiogama was adored by the nobility and poets of ancient Kyoto and its beauty has been extolled in numerous poems. Shiogama Jinja, recently designated as a National Important Cultural Property, has a history of over one thousand years. Urakasumi was founded in 1724 when we received a sake making license and about 200 years ago, we were appointed as a brewery to dedicate sake to the gods of the jinja (shrine).

Rich in Nature

Miyagi is one of the premier rice growing areas of Japan and Sasanishiki and Hitomebore are some of the famous rice varieties produced in the region. Also, having the Sanriku Coast, one of the world's most famous fishing grounds nearby, Shiogama is abundant in fresh seafood and the port is well known for its tuna catch. The nearby town of Matsushima is acknowledged as one of Japan's three most scenic sites. Oysters from Matsushima Bay are particularly famous nationwide. Shiogama's inner-city area is dotted with numerous sushi restaurants, and the fresh seafood is relished by a great many people.

Urakasumi has developed and refined the quality of its sake in Shiogama, an area blessed historically and in terms of its culinary culture.


Characteristics of Our Sake ~Classic and Elegant~

Our aim is to make "classic and elegant" Urakasumi sake.
It has good umami (richness) of rice, well-balanced flavor and aroma, and a mild and elegant mouth-feel. Please enjoy a peaceful and pleasant time with Urakasumi sake and a variety of dishes.

Urakasumi's Sake Making

Expression of Regionality

We are particular about including regional characteristics in our sake. We primarily use rice produced in Miyagi, one of the premier rice growing areas of Japan. In addition, based on the idea that sake is better to drink with a meal, making a sake that goes well with our regional culinary culture is of prime importance. Urakasumi goes especially well with fresh oysters and tuna.

Pursuing the Highest Quality

Sagoro Hirano, who was the pride of Nanbu Sake Brewing Guild and made the name of Urakasumi famous from the mid-40s to the mid-50s, and his nephew Juichi Hirano, the honorary Toji (master sake brewer), have left their names in sake history. They have won numerous awards over decades. Their sake making is faithful to the basics and much care is taken. Also, they actively introduced innovative ideas.
To achieve the best possible standard, these are some of our unique features:

  • For Daiginjo-shu (super-premium sake), we ferment finely polished Yamadanishiki rice, the highest quality sake rice, at low temperatures over a long period with our house yeast.
  • Our house yeast, Urakasumi yeast, was registered as Kyokai No.12 by the Brewing Society of Japan in 1986 for having superior quality Ginjo (premium) flavor.
  • Having received many gold medals in contests held by the National Research Institute of Brewing, we are ranked as a top-level brewery in Japan.
  • While relying on the five senses of our Toji and brewery workers, we also conduct detailed management and analysis to continuously improve the quality of our sake.