Let's try SAKE!

We are going to hold 'Let's try SAKE!'. Our aim for this is to improve service for foreigners in visit to Japan in introducing Japanese SAKE at its best. During the fair, we increased English speaking staff who are able to do brewery tours in English. We will support your travel experience during your stay Japan.

While in Miyagi, please drop by Urakasumi's Sake Gallery.

Free Brewery tour with English guidance(approx. 20 mins

Period2019/09/20 - 11/02
Time11 am or 2pm
NotesLimited to 2 groups of 5 per day, weekdays only, reservations required(one week before).

-Sake tasting (Three different kinds of sake + bonus, 300yen, souvenir cup included)

-Sake Shopping (Tax free available, creative and artistic limited sake cups available)

Please make a reservation for Brewery tour and visit our web site for more information and details >>>

We would be glad to enrich your experiences while in Japan, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!

In addition, the city of Shiogama where we are located is rich in sea products, thus having the highest sushi restaurants per population. You can enjoy the freshest sushi of Japan! You will also find the Shiogama Shrine nearby that has more than 1,000 years of history, being the religious center of the whole Tohoku region.

We all hope you will enjoy your visit at Urakasumi!!

ProWein 2019

Düsseldorf, Germany, hold the annual ProWein event in March!

Urakasumi was proud to participate under the banner or the Japan Sake & Shochu Association.

We would like to thank everyone who passed by our booth and provided us with precious comments. Thanks to you, high quality, classic and elegant sake is reaching new markets worldwide.

We are very grateful for everyone's constant support.


Spain "Grand CINVE" Award

Every year, Spain holds the Concurso Internacional de Vinos y Espirituosos CINVE (International Wine & Sprits Contest), and 2019 was the first edition that included both a Sake and a Shochu section.

We are very proud to announce that Urakasumi has been granted the Grand CINVE Award for Yamadanishiki Junmai Daiginjo Urakasumi.

It is a great honnor to receive such an award in Spain as we are always striving toward the best quality.

For more informations on CINVE, please visit their website below:
Concurso Internacional de Vinos y Espirituosos (CINVE)
For more informations on were to get Urakasumi sake in Spain, refer to the informations below:
Salvioni & Alomar

We are grateful for everyone's support !


Promotion in Singapore - Meidi-Ya

We were very happy to meet our customers in Singapore during the tasting event at Meidi-Ya !

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Urakasumi Sake Brewery moved to Singapore in order to promote the freshly brewed Tokubetsu Junmai Shiboritate. Thanks to your support, this event was a great success as we witnessed great interest from all visitors, and as we were able to collect great comments from you.

Meidi-Ya offers several Urakasumi products all year long. Feel free to ask your questions bellow :
177 River Valley Road #B1-50
Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6339 1111